Cellist Lydia Rhea



Event Information:

  • Wed

    Give Bach Virtual Concert

    5:00 pm

    As a young artist with Give Bach, Lydia will be performing the Sarabande from Bach's Fourth Suite for Solo Cello in E-flat Major. More information about this event can be found here.

    Give Bach aims to support COVID-19 relief and racial equity in the United States. Using virtual performances from students and leaders in the classical music industry, we hope to bring people together to fight for a better world. Half of the proceeds will go to The Innocence Project, a nonprofit organization committed to the use of DNA testing to exonerate the wrongly convicted and to reform the criminal justice system. The other half of all proceeds will go to Oxfam America’s Coronavirus Emergency Fund, a fund that facilitates the delivery of soap, clean water, and other sanitation services to refugees and people living in higher-risk environments in the United States. With the power of music behind us and your generous contributions, we aim to relieve some of the urgent need in our country and ensure that the future will be a better place for all people.

    Using virtual performances of Bach’s Sonatas and Partitas for solo violin and his Suites for solo cello, we hope to bring attention to the issues outlined above and raise funds for those organizations that are doing the essential work to improve the lives of people around our country. Our virtual concert series features performances of Bach by artist leaders and young artists from around the United States. These concerts are being released online in keeping with nationwide social-distancing recommendations. While these concerts are freely available to the public throughout the duration of this series, we request that viewers donate a virtual “ticket” fee to Give Bach. The average cost of a concert ticket in the United States is $96.17; our suggested donation per virtual concert is $25.